Why I wanted to start this blog

I have always been very into video games. As a child, I would tear into any information that I could get my hands on regarding video game reviews, the video game industry, and any advancements in video games. I remember that the usual Christmas gift for me would be a new game or the latest console. I still get every issue of Game Informer, although I think that the quality of the issues has dropped since I was a child. Whether I could chalk that up to me not being a dumb kid anymore or that it actually isn’t as good I couldn’t tell you.

I have tried repeatedly over the years to get something off the ground for me to get my ideas out there on the video games I have been playing. I tried to make a youtube channel twice and it failed twice. I thought about starting a podcast but that also didn’t get going. I am hoping that, by just writing my ideas on here, that I will be more likely to stick with it.

I have played many different consoles over the years, so I believe that I have many different viewpoints to what I think. I played PS1 and N64 as a child, and I currently have a Xbox 360. a Wii U, and a PS4. I hope that you get some enjoyment and some information out of reading these posts!



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